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About Us

Who We Are

We are located in China, and have more than 17 years in the garment industry. At first, we served only our national customers, but with the development and expansion of international transport networks, and with powerful technological advances, we entered the international market and became a global online fashion retailer.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: We strive to provide a mix of quality, service, and value, and to give people the freedom to choose their own style any time, to reveal their unique beauty and personality through unique and beautiful dresses. We are committed to your satisfaction and you can order from us with confidence that the process will be hassle-free and your final product will be top-notch.

Affordable Value

Our dresses, whether standard-sized or made-to-order, won’t cost you a fortune, because we are located in a country which is rich in affordable resources, and has a relatively lower cost of labour. The use of technology, internet and web marketing also enables us to operate our facilities online, with no need for physical stores or expensive advertising, thus we can offer high quality and affordable fashions to your exact satisfaction.

High Quality

Your satisfaction is our ultimate inspiration, thus we take great pride in the design and manufacture of our customized items to ensure their fit and longevity. Using only the best quality materials, high skilled and meticulous employees, advanced technologies and state-of-the-art facilities. You can rely on our total commitment to create your perfect dress.