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Black Prom Dresses

225 Black Prom Dresses Found

Black Prom Dresses
It is such a dream to be able to find just the right black prom dresses for that special event. We are the top provider of dresses, ranging from the giddy mermaid skirt to more dazzling dresses with sequins. We also offer numerous relaxed options with open necklines and no straps, featuring soft chiffon. Complete your look with a pair of lovely shoes and other fitting accessories.
Black prom dresses gives you a chance to show off your sexiness. We offer you tight, form-fitting dress to capture that hourglass figure. We also have dresses with lace sleeves to give your dress an awesome finish. For bold, daring look, offers you brightly colored dresses to give you an asymmetrical look. This will surely make you the center of attraction. Our black prom dresses collection will also leave you looking like a goddess combined with sexy elegance. We help you pull out that fantastic look. There simply is no better place to purchase a dress than

CUSTOMER REVIEWS (81) Black Prom Dresses

Average Rating 4.73
  • By Sheila Dawson

    Aug 16,2020

    It was absolutely perfect for the party that I was just in, all the friends said I looked fabulous and you can wear it so many ways. This dress style has so much potential.

  • By K Griffith

    Jan 19,2021

    Fits beautifully. Beautiful dress. Had to make one small adjustment to the back clasp since my shoulders slant downward more than most.

  • By Kathy Festervand

    Aug 09,2020

    The dresses were just as advertised. I was in contact with the seller for months before I actually placed an order. The Seller was very patient with me every step of the way and was very fast with all her response. Thank you!

  • By fastidlepinup

    Jul 10,2020

    TERRIBLE!!! Save yourself,shop elsewhere. the dress was hideous, measurement was made wrong, they put on the wrong sleeves, it was shipped to the wrong address which they never tried to follow up on but instead had me follow up on it though I has busy preparing for events, they never fully Refunded me(rush charge, and 2 additional charges for sleeves) but the worst part of all was
    Their CUSTOMER SERVICE....... They spoke poorly to me, never once admitted their mistakes, but continued to try and argue with me over 40+ messages. I had to speak to my attorney About contacting them. They knew there would be a bad review so they Made a fake review about the same dress I purchased as well as a review on the dress that inspired the sleeves.

  • By Rowena

    Jun 04,2020

    This dress is awesome! It is shapely but also has a lot of stretch and very comfortable. I like that!

  • By Alexandria Ruiz

    Jan 12,2022

    Second year buying and I loved it. Bella and her team never disappoint. Just make sure you measure yourself precisely so you can get a great fit!

  • By Laura Rodriguez

    Apr 04,2020

    Brilliant once again! Thank you.

  • By Lily-Ann Maxwell

    Nov 15,2020

    AMAZING SELLER, wonderful front split dress, I adore it!

  • By PetitPea

    Jan 07,2021

    I can't describe how happy I am with this skirt. Thank you Jen for answering all my questions and for being so helpful with your advice. It's still 2 months until my sister's wedding but I genuinely cannot WAIT to wear her...

  • By Carolina Mueller

    Jan 02,2021

    It's absolutely good. The fabric was so soft and the quality was great. I would never have believed it would look so expensive and have good details. I gave Vivian my size and her suggestions are correct. I would recommend this to everyone.

  • By Bethany Burlesque

    Apr 04,2021

    I was super worried about ordering online, but other than being a little long, it's perfect. Vivian is so nice to answer my questions.

  • By sjthorson

    Jun 22,2020

    Thank you so much for the dresses! they are beautiful and thank you for your quick replies. Can't wait to wear them now!

  • By Ileana A.

    May 29,2020

    When I came to know that my daughter is getting married, I got excited as well as tensed. The first thing that came in to my mind was how can I buy a super mother of bride dress in such a short time. Looking for the dresses I ordered this dress with amazing length and unbelievably I received it in just a week. The dress is perfect and suits me a lot. Thank you for saving time and effort.

  • By Kory Pimentel

    Aug 16,2020

    Oh my word. It was perfect. Exactly what I ordered!!

  • By shanice jenkins

    May 20,2020

    Beautiful dress, unfortunately it is too big and I will need to get alterations.

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