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Cheap Ball Gowns

84 Cheap Ball Gowns Found

Cheap Ball Gowns
We’ll have you looking a million dollars, for only a smidgen of the cost. Cheap Ball Gowns so cheap you won’t believe your eyes! Available in absolutely any colour of your choice and in any size these Cheap Ball Gowns truly come from the places that dreams are made of. Exquisite beading highlight immaculate bodice stitching and tiers and ruffles cascade down the floor length hooped gowns. Majestic and dramatic in appearance you’re sure to demand deserved attention across the room. Traditional in design, up to date and on trend fashions are also catered for. Sweetheart, quinceanera dresses, pick-up ball gowns and corset back organza ball gowns. Get all your ball gowns right here in the one place.

CUSTOMER REVIEWS (13)Cheap Ball Gowns

Average Rating 4.85 5
  • By Maria

    Sep 20,2019

    A beautiful dress. The price is great for this dress.

  • By dsalga1

    Sep 21,2019

    Excellent Quality. Beautiful Dress. Accurate Sizing. I am very happy I made this purchase!

  • By Jutta Sepp

    Sep 02,2019

    The dress fits just perfectly and shipping was super fast. Thank you a lot!

  • By Alejandra Garcia

    Aug 23,2019

    Cute dress with a classy collar.

  • By amber curry

    Jul 09,2019

    Cannot say enough good things about my custom dress! Quality is better then I even dreamed, he perfectly pieced together every idea I had, and made it better then I thought possible. The dress fit like a glove. Couldn't be more thrilled! Thank you so much!

  • By "Era Haase"

    Jun 13,2019

    I must say it is the best dress in my collection of dresses. I am very fond of this dress and it suits me well. I look quite slim in it and I am happy because of that. Thank you for making it a custom fit.

  • By Julie Hobbs

    Apr 01,2019

    This is a very well-made and quality dress.

  • By Stephanie

    Feb 17,2019

    I am a big admirer of this brilliant dress. it is more wonderful than that shown in the picture. This design makes me look slim and tall. I am too happy for buying it.

  • By jenniferbrackett19

    Dec 01,2018

    They made this dress so perfectly. It fits me just right and could not be better. The make is trustworthy and puts in very hard work that is noticeable. I could not be happier with the way it turned out.

  • By N. Takao

    Sep 08,2018

    This dress with amazing length and wonderful quality fabric is a perfect dress to wear for the event of my daughter

  • By bne35490

    Jul 11,2018

    looks beautiful with my dress and does not look cheap in anyway! Before I bought this item I made sure to message users that have already purchased it to view pictures. BEAUTIFUL

  • By Ileana A.

    Feb 12,2018

    When I came to know that my daughter is getting married, I got excited as well as tensed. The first thing that came in to my mind was how can I buy a super mother of bride dress in such a short time. Looking for the dresses I ordered this dress with amazing length and unbelievably I received it in just a week. The dress is perfect and suits me a lot. Thank you for saving time and effort.

  • By Ali

    Dec 31,2017

    The dress is beautiful. I am very happy with it. It is exactly what I expected and shipped timely.