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Large Size Formal Dresses

45 Large Size Formal Dresses Found

Large Size Formal Dresses
Be in our stylishly fashionable Large Size Formal Dresses. Make yourself a Princess with our beautiful wedding dresses or a get fun with our seductive special occasion dresses, Large Size Formal Dresses is the best option for you to enrich your wardrobe.
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CUSTOMER REVIEWS (3)Large Size Formal Dresses

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  • By steelias7

    Aug 09,2019

    Prompt shipment was of the utmost importance and she did great. The dress was beautiful fit perfectly, excellent quality. Thank you so much!

  • By Eduanya DiazMarquez

    Apr 27,2019

    i love love love the color of my girls dresses the purple is so gorgeous. the quality of the dresses were made amazingly! i'm just beyond blessed by these!

  • By Cheyenne Rickley

    Jun 08,2018

    Beautiful gown, very well made. The fabric is very soft and not transparent at all.