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Wedding Gloves

42 Wedding Gloves Found

Wedding Gloves

CUSTOMER REVIEWS (17) Wedding Gloves

Average Rating 4.71
  • By Jacques Palmer

    Sep 17,2020

    I love everything about this gloves, I was anxious at first to purchase it but I took a chance.... It was for my cousin wedding in Haiti....

  • By Tamera Rubio

    Sep 14,2020

    They are as described, elegant and beautiful

  • By Evie Gough

    Sep 14,2020

    looked great for our wedding. So beautiful!

  • By Irene Middleton

    Sep 08,2020

    Goes perfectly with my dress

  • By Ursula Mccoy

    Sep 08,2020

    These are so delicate and pretty. They shine nicely but are not overwhelming in style. They are short which is exactly what I wanted. They added a fancy touch to my wedding outfit and made me feel princessy.

  • By Diego Espinoza

    Aug 30,2020

    I bought these to dress it up my daughter's dress choice a little more. She looked super cute with these gloves. The picture shows the gloves really good.

  • By Omer Byrd

    Jul 02,2020

    Looks nice with my dress. They are light weight.

  • By Alfie-Jay Harding

    Jun 08,2020

    My wife purchased these gloves for our wedding. They were beautiful. The restrictions that come with wearing gloves do not apply because the fingers are not covered. You don't have to take them off to eat or do anything requiring the use of your fingers. She received numerous comments about how beautiful the fingerless gloves looked on her.

  • By Isabel Flower

    Jun 06,2020

    Everyone at church was staring at me because I was looking so good with my gloves on and my beautiful white lace dress

  • By Fahim Berger

    May 12,2020

    I love these!! They??re super cute and they fit pretty comfortably.

  • By Connor Vance

    Feb 16,2020

    These gloves made just perfect for my simple short sleeves white wedding dress. My husband loves it too. I totally recommend these gloves to all of the to be bride out there.

  • By Ziggy Aguilar

    Feb 13,2020

    Nice inexpensive choice for a costume. I needed antique white gloves and these are perfect.

  • By Brooklyn Meadows

    Feb 02,2020

    I purchased it for my upcoming wedding. It's delicate and nice I love it!

  • By Caius Liu

    Aug 29,2019

    This looks beautiful in my hands perfect

  • By Juanita Broadhurst

    Aug 01,2019

    exactly what i wanted amazing!!

  • By Lennox Dickinson

    Jul 12,2019

    Got it for my friends bridal shoot and she loved it! Adds a very elegant feminine touch to those ??ring shots??

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