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Work Dresses

310 Work Dresses Found

Work Dresses

Look confident, capable, and ready for the work day in these beautiful office dresses that are priced to sell. Get your money’s worth for your hard earned paycheck while looking successful, smart, and beautiful. Available in a wide variety of flattering styles with a range of embellishments designed to make you look professional and fashionable.

Do your best by looking and feeling your best in these beautiful office dresses! Find the skirt length, sleeve type, bodice style, dress material, flattering colors, and fashionable styles that make dressing for work easy. Start the day on the right foot in the right dress and arrive at your office feeling beautiful, brilliant, and ready to handle anything that comes your way. Embellishments and styles come in a wide range so you can feature a different look every day while always appearing your best. Work doesn’t have to be boring with fashions like these!

CUSTOMER REVIEWS (300)Work Dresses

Average Rating 4.59 5
  • By karaeileenb

    Dec 07,2019

    I have this in every color!

  • By chessoroka

    Dec 07,2019

    The dress is beautiful and is exactly what I wanted. It fits perfectly and doesn't need any alterations at all. I was initially nervous to order my dress online but I'm so glad I got in touch with the seller because I got exactly what I wanted with a perfect fit.
    I can't wait to wear it next year!

  • By Melissa Sestilli

    Dec 06,2019

    Gorgeous dress but the pleats are just a little unflattering for those with postpartum bellies and butts. :)

  • By Crissie Noonan

    Dec 06,2019

    It is beautifully made and arrived in half the expected delivery time :)

  • By raewynfernandez

    Dec 05,2019

    Thank you for the great service and fast turn around!!

  • By Diseanna Joseph

    Dec 04,2019

    Exactly as pictured . LOVE IT! Fast shipping can't wait to order again.

  • By Janet W.

    Dec 04,2019

    Dress is adorable and fits amazingly, :). I usually have a hard time finding dresses because my measurements are not standard, but the seamstress did an excellent job of fitting the dress to my measurements upon request (for an additional fabric and size fee). The back straps are maybe a little too broad for my back, but I imagine this is because my bust measurement is so wide in comparison. Overall, extremely cute and I'm very pleased with this purchase, :).

  • By Sidonie Blchs

    Dec 04,2019

    Couleur identique

  • By Shannon Evans

    Dec 03,2019

    Third dress from this shop. Very well made!

  • By Jeff Daigle

    Dec 03,2019

    One of the very best dressmakers I know. The fabrics are elegant, soft, and are made to flow with the designs she creates. is special in ever way. I can't thank her enough for the communication and the service that goes along with wonderful fashion. Love this woman and her entire collection.

  • By Maggie Petros

    Dec 02,2019

    Love this. I looking for a short chiffon skirt for a while and this is perfect. Nice dress and lovely material.

  • By Lauren Faulkner

    Dec 02,2019

    absolutely brilliant fit - i often have trouble with dresses fitting me in the bust but being too big around my waist. this dress fit perfectly everywhere. i loved it.

  • By berenice

    Dec 01,2019

    My dress has arrived on March 11.Beautiful fabric and comfortable dress.Thank you.

  • By chelsiejune1154

    Dec 01,2019

    Very cute dress made with awesome fabric! The elastic at the waist is a little weird but can be covered with a sash or skinny belt. The back is super cute!
    I was worried that the dress would be too short but it turned out to almost be too long. If you are short, be sure to message her and have it shortened by half an inch or so.
    All around a good buy.
    The shipping does take FOREVER since it's coming from Thailand. Allow for every bit of that 6 weeks to actually get it in the mail.

  • By Grace Dyk

    Dec 01,2019

    The dresses turned out exactly what I was looking for!

  • By Elese

    Nov 30,2019

    The dress arrived earlier than they had estimated and it looked very nice on the hanger. However, it didn't quite fit how I had expected. I am VERY petite and small chested. I ordered a size 4. (I usually wear a 0 at a normal chain store.) The rib cage and the bust area were pretty tight and the length was really long. I spent a good bit of money getting it altered but in order to get it to fit well, they would've had to completely take apart the dress and reconstruct it. The tailor said there was a ton of fabric in the bust. Although the dress appeared clean, it smelled pretty bad. I sent it to the cleaners and also tried to air it out on my own, but the smell would not go away.
    In - it looked nice for pictures but it was uncomfortable and smelly.

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